summer 2013

a) i went to their bedroom and looked around. i wasn’t after anything in particular unless it was rubbers again and though i had looked all over i had never found any. once i found a jar of Vaseline at the back of a drawer. i knew it must have something to do with it, but i didn’t know what. i studied the label and hoped it would reveal something, a description of what people did, or else about how you applied the vaseline, that sort of thing. but it didn’t. pure petroleum jelly, that was all it said on the front label. but just reading that was enough to give you a boner. an excellent aid in the nursery, it said on the back. i tried to make the connection between nursery—the swings and slides, the sandboxes, monkeybars—and what went on in bed between them

b) i decided i would wait until night before i thought about the woman again. but right away i got a boner thinking about the boner i would get that night. then i thought i had better stop doing it so much. about a month back, a saturday when they were all gone, i had picked up the bible right after and promised and swore i wouldn’t do it again. but i got jism on the bible, and the promising and swearing lasted only a day or two, until i was by myself again

summer 2014

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meh 2013

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june 2014

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